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Music blog. Throughout 2011 I'll be posting one song a day from the 90s, counting down the 'best' 365 with #1 being posted on December 31st. One song per artist. Also posted will be little features on new music and bands, as well as mixtapes made by myself and guests. During 2010 posted my favourite 365 tracks of 2000-2009, you can read that list here

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26 August 10 | Comments | 23 notes
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#128 - Blue Roses - Imaginary Fights

Probably one of the best singers in England today. First saw her support Final Fantasy about 3 or 4 years ago, and while putting in a pretty lovely performance, I somehow totally about her until she turned up on another support bill, this time Beach House. Got to say it’s probably one of the most incredible live performances i’ll ever see. I don’t know if she’d come on leaps and bounds since I first heard her or what, but alongside Joanna Newsom it’s probably the most impressive live vocals I’ve ever come across. Some of the most perfect winter songs I’ve ever heard. That evening I was so hypnotised by the performance I asked her immediately if she’d be interested in playing a christmas charity alldayer I was putting together, and kindly she obliged - a few months later putting in another incredible performance and filling Leeds’ Holy Trinity Church with her amazing voice.

Since around then I’ve had about 4 or 5 mp3s (then tagged under Laura Groves) that’d be later help fill up her excellent debut released last year. This was one of them from way back when, and still sounds just as good. Such a pretty song.

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