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Music blog. Throughout 2011 I'll be posting one song a day from the 90s, counting down the 'best' 365 with #1 being posted on December 31st. One song per artist. Also posted will be little features on new music and bands, as well as mixtapes made by myself and guests. During 2010 posted my favourite 365 tracks of 2000-2009, you can read that list here

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12 October 10 | Comments | 27 notes
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#81 - Simon Joyner - My Life Is Sweet

Pretty much holds his own against any other songwriter recording music today. Best known for John Peel playing one of his record’s in full on air (the only other person sharing such an accolade being Bob Dylan) & as a frequent influence and one-time collaborator with Conor Oberst, his work has gone sadly overlooked for far far far too long. His 2001 record Hotel Lives is probably his best and most consistent work in a discography full of incredible work. This is one of the many sprawling, wordy and emotive pieces of work that make him such an extraordinary songwriter. 

The first gig I ever put on was Simon Joyner in the basement of the worst venue in leeds. Very few people turned up, i lost a lot of money (especially for a 16 year old) and the setting couldn’t have been worse - but it was completely worth it for the honour of bringing a totally legit legend to my home city.

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