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Music blog. Throughout 2011 I'll be posting one song a day from the 90s, counting down the 'best' 365 with #1 being posted on December 31st. One song per artist. Also posted will be little features on new music and bands, as well as mixtapes made by myself and guests. During 2010 posted my favourite 365 tracks of 2000-2009, you can read that list here

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28 February 11 | Comments | 59 notes
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#307 - Modest Mouse - Styrofoam Boots/It’s All Nice On Ice, Alright

A confession: I’ve never really delved into pre-Moon & Antarctica era Modest Mouse, and i’m sure a lot of people will argue that Long Drive & Lonesome Crowded West are their two best records. But this is something that makes little sense in any logical way, but do you ever love a record so completely inside-out that listening to a band’s other records just somehow doesnt even appeal? Well, that. And Moon & Antarctica is a record i’ve probably not listened to for years but will always appreciate as a legit classic of contemporary indie-rock, and sneer away, but such things definitely exist. 

Anyway, this is one of the few tracks I really do know from their 90s output, I think there are certain times when you can tell that it’s Calvin Johnson assisting with the production.

Indie music, huh?

  1. soundsbeyond said: this is really funny to me, ‘cause i only listen to the moon & antarctica and before. things got weird once the band got big. i still dig their music, but the production quality changed dramatically. (btw, i suppose that shows my age, too!)
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    When the drums kick in, I’m taken by a delighted surprise. Enjoy.
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    Styrofoam Boots/It’s All Nice On Ice by Modest Mouse
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    Great song. The drum scares the shit out of me every time.
  9. mconor said: yeah, indie music, guy. sure. but seriously Dramamine is Modest Mouse’s best song
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